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Is Flexibility the Key to Hiring?

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Is Flexibility the Key to Hiring?

If you’re in the market to attract top talent for your business, you might want to consider making a flexible work schedule part of the deal.

In a poll (conducted by EY) of 1,215 U.S. managers and employees across a wide array of industries, it was discovered that people aged 18-32 rank flexibility among the benefits they want in a job—with 33% stating they would not work for a company that didn’t offer it. In fact, 38% of respondents aged 33-48 consider it non-negotiable. The survey suggests we will see a major shift in the coming years when it comes to flexible hours, as a life outside office walls will become an even bigger lure for attracting talent.

Looking at the surprisingly high number of respondents who are in search for flexibility in the workplace, it stands to reason the same workers might be willing to take a minor pay cut (given the volatility of the job market) in exchange. It’s something worth considering, as it would help challenged companies streamline costs while still employing a highly skilled workforce.

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