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The Client

An individual was involved in a complex litigation with a large company and needed expert witness testimony with respect to damages.

The Problem

The Client had previously won a monetary judgment against the company, which inevitably delayed payment. As a result of the delay in payment, the Client was faced with monetary damages.

Prior to any court proceedings, an expert witness was retained to testify on the Client’s behalf. However, because of a history of employment with the FDIC, it was announced that the person could not serve as the Client’s expert witness. Time was short and the Client was struggling in a search for a replacement expert witness.

Challenge Accepted

Challenger Advisors went straight to work in order to properly serve as a viable replacement expert witness for the Client.

With time running out, there was a window of only four weeks to become adequately acquainted with the Client’s case, provide a written report to the court, and prepare for depositions–all leading to eventual testimony in open court.

The Results

Despite the small timetable, a Challenger Advisors consultant effectively served as expert witness in the case. In due course, the Client agreed to settle out-of-court and received an amount that greatly exceeded the expectations of the attorneys involved in the case.

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