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The Client

A publicly-held and founder-led telecommunications business was faced with the possibility of selling the Company and needed to explore the strategies that would yield the most beneficial outcome.

The Problem

While most members of the finance and accounting teams had established careers in their respective fields, the Company’s finance and administrational functions were noticeably weak and its planning and analytical capabilities were essentially nonexistent. Additionally, the Controller had no prior experience working for a publicly-held company and was therefore unfamiliar with the controls, compliance and reporting requirements involved.

The Company’s CFO position was also vacant.

Challenge Accepted

With the sales, marketing and technology departments well-staffed with knowledgeable and skilled industry veterans, the Company required a CFO who could “speak their language” and raise the standards of finance and administration functions as well.

Acting as the interim CFO, a Challenger Advisors consultant stepped in to deliver the management and administrational bench strength to bring things to order.

The Results

Challenger Advisors provided the capabilities that enabled the Company to support high revenue growth, public-company compliance requirements, and concurrent sale/due diligence efforts.

With our involvement, the Company was able to effectively:

  • Drive margin enhancements
  • Improve telecom transaction reconciliation processes
  • Implement internal controls to support Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements
  • Partner with investment bankers

Challenger Advisors’ extensive experience in Interim Management services worked to accomplish all of the Company’s strategic benchmarks, which ultimately resulted in the successful sale of the Company.

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